Join 250+ here on Facebook already endorsing Joel's campaign for state Senate: https://www.facebook.com/Joel-Tyner-for-State-Senate-for-Dutchess-and-Putnam-Counties-41st-SD-1472098942888371/

Joel is currently in his eighth straight term representing Rhinebeck and Clinton in the Dutchess County Legislature; his endorsers for this state Senate campaign include Emmy-winning Josh Fox, County Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias, Brennan Kearney and Ed Roberts of the Rhinebeck Town Board, Poughkeepsie Councilmembers Lorraine Johnson and Sarah Salem, long-time Fishkill activist Connie Hogarth, Southern Dutchess NAACP President David Eberle of Fishkill, former Beacon County Legislator April Farley, former Putnam County Democratic Chair Ken Harper, former Beacon Councilman Charlie Kelly, former Fairview Fire District Commissioner Virginia Buechele, Fishkill small business owner Rafael Delgado, former Stanford Democratic Town Supervisor Candidate Greg Bull, former Poughkeepsie Democratic Chair Roger Christenfeld, Rhinebeck Democratic Committee member Judy Blancher, former Rhinebeck School Boardmember Alice Wilbeck, gallery owner/artist Betsy Jacaruso of Rhinebeck, 1199 organizers Joseph Stratford, Melissa Whitaker, and Andre Greenberg, Earl Brown of ENJAN, DomBabii Yea of PASS, Karlton Jones and Kevin Newman of Community Voices Heard, and literally 200 others in the area:

Tom LaBarr, and JC Calderon of Beacon; Susan Mora of Red Hook, Renee T. One-Eseleh, Gina Klein, David Gill, Elizabeth Armstrong, Jared Aertsen, Bill Byrne, Laura Forman, Lovina Roy Schlemowitz, Amelia Miller, Asha Peterkin, Mike Rutigliano, Tunicia Ward, Aurelia Gilchrist, Matthew Carroll, Diane Viscio, and Eric Somers of Poughkeepsie, Cait Johnson, Cindy Silver, Sharon Stevens, Grace Gunning, Sue Greenberg, Chris Winham, and Dave Heller of Rhinebeck, Rachel Dildilian, Vallerie Legeay, Pat Lamanna, and Bob Vankleeck of Hyde Park, Carl Yakubowski, Mike Duquette, Merry Buckhout, and Stephanie Bonk of Clinton, Valerie Carlisle, Gail D'Alessio, and Jennifer Loucks of LaGrange, Thelma Adams and Chris Ham of Pleasant Valley, Lydia Binotto of Millbrook and Chris Knoeppel of Beacon-- dozens more, growing weekly.

Email your statement/sentence of support/endorsement to joeltyner@earthlink.net-- join the ranks of these folks below already kind enough to lend their endorsements for our campaign for state Senate:

Greg Bull, former (almost winning) Stanford Democratic Town Supervisor Candidate: "I endorse Joel Tyner for State Senate. Joel has worked long and hard to help make Dutchess County a great place to like. Joel will bring the same work ethic and compassion to the New York Senate when he is elected in Nov."

Rafael Delgado, small business owner (Watchpital) of Fishkill: "Elect Joel Tyner to the state Senate. Because there is so much work that needs to be done."

Melissa Whitaker of Poughkeepsie: "I have watched Joel Tyner work tirelessly over the years fighting for justice and equality as a County Legislator. Joel has taken a stance for a living wage, supported Unions, fought for quality education, as well as lobbying for the safety of youth in my community. It is for these reasons, as well as countless others, and with great pleasure, that I endorse Joel Tyner for State Senate for Dutchess and Putnam Counties."

Former Beacon County Legislator April Farley: "As the former Duchess County Legislator for District 18, Beacon and Fishkill, I am proud to endorse my friend and colleague Joel Tyner for New York State Senate, District 41 for Dutchess and Putnam County. He has worked tirelessly as Legislator to bring about change, keep the Dream alive, fight for a living wage, women's equality, the youth, bail reform, senior programs, and the environment. We all know that some changes can only be made at the Senate level. I am honored to introduce the man that will not settle for the status quo, but will fight to the end for your Civil and Human Rights, #JoelTynerforStateSenate."

Virginia Buechele of the Town of Poughkeepsie: "Joel has always been there for me to listen and lend assistance whenever possible even though when serving as a Dutchess County Legislator he was not my representative. Joel Cares."

Greg Bull, former Stanford Democratic Town Supervisor Candidate: "I endorse Joel Tyner for State Senate. Joel has worked long and hard to help make Dutchess County a great place to like. Joel will bring the same work ethic and compassion to the New York Senate when he is elected in Nov."

Amelia Miller of the City of Poughkeepsie: "Joel Tyner is a champion for the community as a whole, with a heart for justice and a conscientious mind-- he's exceptional for Dutchess County."

Bill (William) Byrne, PhD of the Town of Poughkeepsie: "Joel Tyner has been trying to raise the issues that negatively impact the average American's life and the downtrodden for two decades. He has tried to expose the injustices that dominate our political and economic life and as a result has made the establishment including the Poughkeepsie Journal and the dominant Republican leadership and even some centrist members of his own party uneasy. You want a different voice in politics, then support Joel because powerful forces don't want his voice to be heard."

Cindy Silver of Rhinebeck: "You can always count on Joel Tyner to fight for social justice, human rights, a clean environment, a fair living wage, and a world free from the fear of tyranny and war."

Karlton Jones of Community Voices Heard in the City of Poughkeepsie: "I'm endorsing Joel Tyner for state Senate because he has the people's best interests at heart and he's real. He'll make an awesome state Senator.

Valerie Carlisle of LaGrange: "I've known Joel Tyner for decades and I support his campaign for state Senate because Joel is not afraid to speak up about the many issues affecting us, from social justice to environmental problems and more, and then he actually offers solutions."

Merry Buckhout of the Town of Clinton: "I endorse Joel Tyner for New York state Senate. He has been an exemplary Dutchess County Legislator for as long as I've lived here. He's a passionate and tireless worker for the needs of the people of the state of New York and we would be well served to elect him to the Senate."

Gail D'Alessio of LaGrange: "Joel Tyner would be a great state Senator as he stands for justice, equality, and seems to always balance the scale. He puts the issues of the people before himself and will put 1000% of himself into his work. A truly dedicated public servant."

Joe Torres of Wappinger: "In politics, the people need a warrior to battle on their behalf. A proven fighter who will seek out the battle while others hide in the shadows of silence and inaction. Joel Tyner is that warrior. Send Joel Tyner to Albany."

Colleen Lambert of East Fishkill: "I endorse Joel Tyner for state Senate because he truly represents the every day common man and the people who are not as fortunate in our society."

Diane Viscio of Poughkeepsie: "I wholeheartedly support Joel Tyner for the state Senate as I believe he will advocate for what people really need and he will do the right things for the right reasons."

Eric Somers of the City of Poughkeepsie: "Joel Tyner has been a voice for progressive fair government in Dutchess County. Now we need him in the state Senate to impact the entire state."

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